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Septic Tank Pumping Services

We pump both residential septic systems, and commercial trash traps and aerated waste. Everything we pump we take to our private wastewater treatment facility where the water is recycled to spray irrigate onto Giant Miscanthus. Tim Frank Septic Tank Cleaning Co. can also pump non-hazardous oily wastes and properly dispose of it at an appropriate facility. This type of waste will need to be tested and approved before it is pumped and disposed of. Examples of this type of waste may include catch basins, oil separators, or pits from car washes.

High Pressure Sewer Jetting

With over 4000 PSI, two hose sizes, and multiple nozzle ends, the jetter has the capability to unclog almost any blockage. The jetter end is able to pull itself down into a blockage, then blast the blockage back to the technician to remove the debris causing the issue out of the pipe.

Electric Sewer Cleaning

Used predominantly for situations where the jetter would not be ideal, the “snake” can rip roots and other debris from joints. While the machine does require electric, the truck comes equipped with a generator for customers who do not have electric. We also have smaller tub snakes that can be used to go down smaller drains, such as sink and bathtub drains.

Lift Station Pump Service

We offer service for both residential and commercial lift stations. For residential lift stations, we sell a Champion effluent pump which comes with a three-year warranty on the pump, but we can get whatever pump you need for your system. Our technicians also have years of training and experience with commercial lift stations and a truck mounted crane to help remove larger pumps from deeper lift stations.

Video Camera Inspection Services

When trying to determine issues in pipes without digging them up, a camera can be sent down the pipe to see what the issue is. While there are some limitations to the technology, the machine is still a very useful tool in the hands of a well-trained technician.

Electronic Locating

In the extreme cases that we are unable to find a tank or other component, we can electronically locate with different pieces of equipment. When used in conjunction with the camera head, we can even tell the depth, to better assist in decision making.

Septic System Renovation & Repairs

We provide a wide range of repairs, from replacing distribution boxes, risers, sand filter sand and upflow filter stone, to fixing control boxes and bat media. We also can repair damaged components to mound systems and apply topsoil to fix settled spots over mounds and leach trenches. This list is not all inclusive, so if you have any questions about repairs provided, please give us a call.

Annual Aeration Inspection / Service Agreements

We can provide a wide range of services for your specific system’s requirements. Whether you are looking for a yearly inspection, or a thorough service agreement where we do routine maintenance on different components of the system, we can provide you what you need.

Geauga County Department Septic System Inspection Preparation

In Geauga County, the health department does the inspections for houses that are being sold. Before they will do an inspection, however, they require that all the lids are exposed. Along with exposing the components, we can also share any red flags that we may see with the system that may need to be addressed before the inspection. For an additional charge, Tim Frank Septic can create new maps for houses who do not currently have one.

Certified Septic System Inspections

For residents not in Geauga County, we can provide septic system inspections for point of sale transfers. Certified by National Association of Wastewater Technicians, our service personnel have the experience and knowledge to properly inspect your septic system.

EPA Licensed Treatment Plant Operators

With two operators with a Class 1 wastewater license, and a third operator with a Class A license, we have the experience and knowledge to manage your plant and limit issues arising from lack of maintenance and preparation. Along with this service, we take samples to the lab and do all the reporting to the EPA for NPDES systems.


• Aerator Repairs & Replacement
• Chlorine & Dechlorination Tablets
• Distribution Boxes, Risers, & Lids
• Septic Tank Cement Risers & Lids
• Septic Tank Plastic Risers & Lids
• Pro-Pump Bacteria


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Septic System Renovation & Repairs

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